Goverdose was born in 2008 as a result of online collaboration between digital artists. Group has released only one e-zine in the past however our friendship and passion for creating has never died.

New Goverdose is online collective of digital designers with unique styles, techniques and desire to create new amazing projects. Goverdose is our way to forget about groove and everyday commercial work. We want to bring new amazing work and ideas with every theme pack as well as progress in our areas and have fun by doing it.

Nothing is constant, we'll be changing rules every period of time. Today we are collective which is releasing our first art pack, next time we will surprise you with something else.


P.S. We're sorry but we are currently not accepting applications from outside of Poland. We will keep you informed if circumstances change.

Founders: Jakub Głowacki  |  Adam Hudyma
Gvrds Design: Adam Hudyma  |  Mateusz Sypień
Code: Piotr Bochniak
Music: Slaid