Brush technique of steel frame in winter
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The frame of steel structure is the spatial structure formed by the connecting of the nodes in a certain grid. Because of the large span steel structure rack, complicated structure, field control is more difficult, special seasons and climate besmear becomes more difficult, the steel structure manufacturers to introduce to you, winter low temperature steel structure rack coating techniques.
1, steel structure rack before installation according to the requirement of the low temperature condition, its quality is the reinspection, leak and deformation occurring during transport to pile up in the production of components, a correction on the ground for repair.
2. Remove the surface ice, snow and dew before installation, but do not damage the coating.
3. The coating used for steel structure at low temperature shall not use water-based coating.
4 below 0 ℃, environment temperature, coating process test before besmear brushs anticorrosive coatings, besmear brushs the rust on the surface of the components must be clean up, the content such as oil pollution, burr, and keep the surface drying. No painting work shall be done when there is thin ice on a snow day or component.

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