Construction safety of steel structure grid work
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Steel structure rack production site environment, whether indoor or outdoor, often in a three-dimensional space, hence great importance should be attached to production safety, especially under the condition of indoor water production arrangement, production efficiency is high, the workpiece is moved in the space is large, frequently. In general, its movement weight is about 4-10 times of output. The workpiece is a linear movement of the vertical and vertical direction of the space, which is mostly carried by the crane, and its movement is almost everywhere in the production site.
In order to facilitate the production of the steel structure and the operation of the operator, the components should be put on hold at a certain height. No matter stacking shelves, assembling and assembling the tire frame, welding tire frame... All should be removed from the ground from 0.4 to 1.2m. As a result, the operator is in fact in a space that is surrounded by heavy objects at all times, except in the safe passage.
In the production of large steel structure, or height is bigger, the center of gravity be unsteady, narrow artifacts and large components, structure and components more has the possibility of dumping and tilt, therefore must attach great importance to safety accident prevention. In addition to the operator's own protection awareness, all parties should be taken care of to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
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