Key parts of steel frame
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The node of the network frame is the most important part in the steel structure network frame project.
The most commonly used nodes in our country are the welded hollow ball joints and bolt ball nodes. Other such as board nodes are used in the specification, but not much in practical engineering. The intersecting nodes are not suitable for the truss of triangular space. Various forms of our country has built thousands of, it is worth mentioning that there are many typical project, industrial factories, hangar, lounge, station and other types of representative projects include: public works machinery factory of zhengzhou railway administration switch workshop, gymnasium, xinyang, henan college of pharmacy in guangdong zhongshan branch luoshan county stadium, henan university of technology gymnasium, shenzhen rush reaches the kang cable group is the success of the spatial grid steel structure engineering, and to a certain extent, promote the technical progress of our country's steel structure project.
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